8–10 May 2018
Kossiakoff Center at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland



AIAA Defense and Security Forum (AIAA DEFENSE Forum) is a classified SECRET/NoFORN event for technical, programmatic, and policy issues pertaining to aerospace in U.S. national security. AIAA DEFENSE Forum is a unbiased, non-partisan forum for defense officials to interact with industry partners, aerospace R&D community, and government decision- and policy-makers to address critical topics from a policy, program, and technology perspective.

Three AIAA long-standing classified conferences—AIAA Strategic and Tactical Missile Systems Conference, the AIAA Missile Sciences Conference, and the AIAA National Forum on Weapon System Effectiveness—combined to lay the foundation of the AIAA DEFENSE Forum technical program.

  • The AIAA Strategic and Tactical Missile Systems Conference featured senior Department of Defense officials and other noted authorities from the strategic and tactical missiles community speak about the issues and challenges that face the United States. Past program topics have included national defense strategy, defense acquisition, missile programs, homeland security, missile defense, research and development, and the industrial base.

  • The AIAA Missile Sciences Conference provided a venue the presentation and discussion of classified and unclassified technical material related to missile system and subsystem technologies. The program addresses an array of topics including Air Force and Navy strategic missiles, tactical air-to-surface, surface-to-surface, anti-air missile systems, missile defense systems, targets and countermeasures, cruise missile defense, interceptors, weapon system effectiveness, hardware-in-the-loop testing of smart weapons, mission planning, mission assurance, system safety and insensitive munitions, and innovative technologies and concepts.

  • The AIAA National Forum on Weapon System Effectiveness was focused on promoting and sharing knowledge about the complex nature of modern weapon systems. This event provided a SECRET/U.S. ONLY venue for the discussion of weapon system effectiveness, including the technology, design, development, engineering, and operational considerations important to the successful employment of modern ground, sea, air, and space weapon systems and platforms.

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